Marc Vossen


Marc has lived with his family in Antwerp in Belgium for quite some time. Now, after four years of construction work, it feels like his house is almost finished… In the summer, he relaxes by working hard with his tennis coach on improving his backhand, and in the winter, by running in Antwerp’s many beautiful parks. He loves good food and is especially fond of good red wine.

Marc studied in The Hague with Godfried Hoogeveen and then in Manchester with Ralph Kirshbaum. Masterclasses with teachers including Franz Helmersson, David Geringas and Steven Isserlis have helped him find his way to becoming the cellist he is today.

Besides his work with the Storioni Trio, Marc is principal cellist of the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra. If the orchestral repertoire were missing, his musical experience would feel incomplete. Marc previously taught principal-study cello at the Maastricht Conservatory. Now, as a member of the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra’s orchestral academy and as a coach at the National Youth Orchestra of the Netherlands, he works to help young people on the road to becoming the orchestral musicians of the future.